20mm Metal Cut End Mill For Stainless Steel 6*15*50/8*20*60/3*8*50/10*50*150
20mm Metal Cut End Mill For Stainless Steel 6*15*50/8*20*60/3*8*50/10*50*150
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Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: Zhuzhou--Carbide City
Brand Name: Whitout Brand
Certification: ISO9001, SGS
Model Number: As your requirements
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20mm Metal Cut End Mill


6*15*50 Metal Cut End Mill


SGS End Mill For Stainless Steel

Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: 1PCS in a plastic tube, 10 PCS per group
Delivery Time: 15-25 work days
Supply Ability: 50000pcs/Month
Coating: Altin/Tialn/Tin/Tisin/Nano
Suitable For: Carbon Steel,Cooper.Cast Iron.Carbon Steel.Mould Steel
Diameter: Customized Or Standard
Cutting Form: Flat, Ball Nose, Corner Radius, Roughing
Machine Type: Milling Maching,Milling Tools,CNC
Hrc: 45/50/55/60
Application: CNC Process,Metal Working Tool,milling
Shank Diameter: 4-20mm
Precision: High Precision
Overall Length: 50~150mm / Customized
Delivery Time: 15-20 Work Days
Product Description

6*15*50/8*20*60/3*8*50/10*50*150 Metal Cutting End Mills High Precision


Product details:


Strictly selected material: The surface is coated and the coating is thin and uniform to prevent wear.

Durable: Pursuit of high tool balance, suitable for cutting and extending service life.

Wear-resisting and wear-resistant: carefully selected materials, with strong toughness, wear resistance, and stable performance.

Non-standard: professional manufacturers, mature technology, products can be customized according to drawings, complete models.


Carbide milling cutter use:


Carbide milling cutters are generally used in CNC machining centers and cnc engraving machines. It can also be loaded onto a conventional milling machine to process some hard and uncomplicated heat treatment materials.

1. Carbide cylindrical milling cutter: used for horizontal milling machine processing plane. The teeth are distributed on the circumference of the milling cutter and are divided into straight teeth and spiral teeth according to the tooth shape. According to the number of teeth, there are two kinds of coarse teeth and fine teeth. The spiral tooth coarse-tooth milling cutter has a small number of teeth, high tooth strength and large chip space, which is suitable for rough machining; the fine-tooth milling cutter is suitable for finishing.

2. Carbide face milling cutter: It is used for vertical milling machine, end milling machine or gantry milling machine. It has cutter teeth on the end face and circumference, and also has coarse teeth and fine teeth. The structure has three types: integral type, insert type and indexable type.

3. Carbide end mill: used to machine grooves and step surfaces, etc., the teeth are on the circumference and end faces, and can not be fed in the axial direction during operation. When the end mill has a tooth that passes through the center, it can be fed axially.

4. Carbide three-face milling cutter: used to machine a variety of grooves and step surfaces, with teeth on both sides and circumference.

5. Carbide angle milling cutter: used to mill a groove at a certain angle, there are two kinds of single angle and double angle milling cutter.

6. Carbide saw blade milling cutter: used to machine deep grooves and cut workpieces, with more teeth on the circumference. In order to reduce the friction during milling, there are 15'~1° secondary declinations on both sides of the cutter. In addition, there are keyway milling cutters, dovetail milling cutters, T-slot milling cutters and various forming cutters.

20mm Metal Cut End Mill For Stainless Steel 6*15*50/8*20*60/3*8*50/10*50*150 0


Carbide milling method:


The milling direction of the carbide milling cutter relative to the workpiece and the direction of rotation of the milling cutter are mainly the following two milling methods:

The first is down-cutting. The direction of rotation of the milling cutter is the same as the direction of feed of the cutting. At the beginning of the cutting, the milling cutter bites the workpiece and cuts the last chip.

The second type is up-cut milling. The direction of rotation of the milling cutter is opposite to the direction of feed of the cutting. The milling cutter must slide over the workpiece before starting the cutting. The cutting thickness starts at zero and the cutting thickness reaches the end of the cutting. maximum.

When milling, the cutting force presses the workpiece against the table, and the cutting force causes the workpiece to leave the table during up-cut milling. Since the cutting effect of the down-milling is the best, the down-cutting is usually preferred. Only when the machine has a thread gap problem or if there is a problem that can not be solved by the down-milling, the up-cutting is considered.

Each time a cemented carbide milling insert enters the cutting, the cutting edge is subjected to an impact load, which depends on the cross-section of the chip, the material of the workpiece and the type of cutting. Ideally, the diameter of the milling cutter should be larger than the width of the workpiece. The centerline of the milling cutter should always be slightly separated from the centerline of the workpiece. When the tool is placed against the center of the cutting, burrs are easily generated. The direction of the radial cutting force will change continuously as the cutting edge enters and exits the cutting. The machine tool spindle may vibrate and be damaged. The blade may be broken and the machined surface will be rough. The carbide milling cutter will be slightly off center and the cutting force direction will be No longer fluctuating, the cutter will get a preload.

20mm Metal Cut End Mill For Stainless Steel 6*15*50/8*20*60/3*8*50/10*50*150 1


Product size:

Diameter Cutting length Shank diameter Total length
1 3 4 50
1.5 4 4 50
2 5 4 50
2.5 7 4 50
3 8 4 50
4 10 4 50
4 15 4 75
4 20 4 100
5 13 6 50
6 15 6 50
6 20 6 75
6 30 6 100
8 20 8 60
8 25 8 75
8 35 8 100
10 25 10 75
10 40 10 100
12 50 12 150
14 60 14 150
16 60 16 150
18 60 18 150
20 60 20 150


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